Free Microsoft Points
Microsoft points are essential for every Xbox 360 user. Whether you want to download the new map pack, demo, arcade game, Microsoft points are needed. Why pay for them when you can get Free Microsoft Points? In order for you to get those Free Microsoft Points , you're going to have to follow all the steps below.

Is this legit?

Yes, this is 100% legal and legit. Advertisers pay a lot of money for your opinion on surveys. Points2shop in return, gives your free prize for trying those offers.
In order to get your Free Microsoft Points, you're going to have to sign up by clicking "or by clicking on the banner below. Click the green image that says "It's Free, Sign-up". Enter your real information and your real e-mail. They will not spam you. Once you've signed up, click the link in your e-mail to get $2.50 for free. That's one step closer to your Free Microsoft Points!

Now, this part is essential in earning enough points to get your Free Microsoft Points. Once you've signed up, click "Earn Points", and "Free Offers". You'll have to do at least 20 offers to get your Free Microsoft Points. Make sure to " Mark as Complete" when you're done. - To get fast points, click the "Daily Clicks" and try one PPC offer.

Now, you've made sure you completed enough offers and confirmed your account. You've reached the points and you want your Free Microsoft Points. To get your prize, click "Spend Points", and choose "Popular Prizes". You've now ordered your Free Microsoft Points. Thanks for joining!



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